May 18 2015

The connection between Energy Therapy and Psychology

Energy therapy is about balancing the energies of the human aura and helping the individual raise the general energy frequency that they vibrate on, to expand their consciousness and help them live in accordance with their “core”, or true self, which I choose to call the “me”. This process is most efficient when it is combined with a well-tailored talk therapy, where false, partial personalities are identified and “peeled off” like the different layers of an onion and the person is guided to discover her true qualities beneath.

It is becoming a well-known fact that there is a very strong link between emotional and mental unbalance and physical illness of various kinds. Those of us who work with people and the human aura can definitely see the link between unprocessed feelings, traumas and wounds from the past and the development of physical disease. When we block or suppress feelings, often in the unconscious realm, we also block our energyflow. This creates stagnated spots of energy within our system which can led to different problems if left untreated. There is also a transfer of suppressed or unsolved problems from previous generations, through our DNA, into our cells, who carry the memory of past events into our bodies.

For these reasons, Energy Therapy cannot be disconnected from psychological processing work. Combining the two and taking a holistic perspective on the human being is the most powerful way to help her bloom and reach her true potential. Within true healing there is no separate treatment of the body, the mental and emotional processes and the "core" of the person. All aspects need to be taken into account.

The psychological framework that I have chosen to study and depart from, in close connection with my work as an Energy Therapist, is the Iriz Synthesis, developed by Anette Emanuelsson at the Iriz Academy in Gothenburg, Sweden.

The Evolution of Psychology

Psychology = the science about the soul and life

Within the field of psychology, there has been an evolution of different schools, or waves, to become more and more complete and useful to help people reach their true potential as complete spiritual and physical beings. The initial psychological school or wave was Behaviorism. It takes its stand point in the human being as a system of animalistic, or mechanical reactions that can be mastered or controlled through different techniques, not leading on to the more complex reality of the human consciousness. According to Freud and the Psychoanalysis, which represent the second wave, the human being is driven by its impulses, or urges, and is influenced by the unconscious. However, he does not bring the theory further onto defining our true essence or beyond illness and disturbances within the human psyche. Humanism, or the existential psychology, finally takes an interest in the life of the healthy human being and in her free will and realization of her abilities and resources.

The Psychosynthesis, founded by Roberto Assagioli during the 1920s, offers a holistic perspective and defines the human being from the four aspects of the body, the emotions, the intellect and the soul. Through helping the human access her free will and take charge of her life, it is considered that she will also access her different “me” (=inner core) qualities, such as creativity, love and spirituality. Even though the dual concept of the "self" and the “me” (see further down about the Iriz Synthesis) is introduced through the description of false, learned identities and an inner core of consciousness, there is no clear definition of what the “me” in us really is, nor is there a method to actively help the person access her “me”. The focus is on creating space for the “me”, or inner core, through the identification of the person’s false, partial personalities. This is where the Iriz Synthesis takes one step further.

The Foundations of the Iriz Synthesis

The Iriz Synthesis builds on the Psychosynthesis and can be considered as a development of Quantum Psychology. It integrates many disciplines – the antique philosophies of the Platonic Academy and Socrates, the science about frequency and energy springing from quantum physics and mechanics (I will return to this subject and to the support that the latest research within these fields provide to the knowledge of the human energy field and Energy Therapy), biology, cosmology, the evolution theory since the Big Bang and the creation of the universe, and of course psychology.

What is a human being according to the Iriz Synthesis?

Science can now prove that the human being is composed of energy that can be measured as frequencies. Part of the energy is manifested as visible, physical matter and the other part is invisible, or what we might call “the consciousness”. The consciousness is the essence of the human being, it is your core, or your “me”. The "me" is what some people would call the soul, the eternal part of you.

Most people are not in contact with their “me”. They only know their “self” ("my self"), which is the sum of the physical body, our mental processes, desires and feelings. The “self” also contains all the partial, false personalities that we acquire as we grow up, to either protect ourselves, live up to what we think is expected from us or as a lack of confirmation of our true essence from our surroundings.

On a higher level, the “I am” is your origin, the other half of you that you strive to reunite with and part of the universal wholeness. This is of course a very abstract phenomenon and hard for us to grasp in an intellectual way.

In order to activate and connect to your inner core or "me", you need to evolve through your "self", which is composed of three different dimensions which both reflect the evolution of life on this planet in general and the psychological phases of our personal life as we grow up: the mineral stage or ages 0-6 years (infant and toddler), the plant stage or ages 7-12 years (grade-schooler) and the animal stage or ages 13-20 years (teenager). All these dimensions of the "self" need to be understood (Which behaviors or false, partial personalities that hinder you from being who you really are have you developed during which period of your life? Where do they come from? Who are you imitating? Where have you got "stuck" in your evolution?) and taken care of (What is the opposite or your true characteristic?) in order for your "me" to become activated.

For the Swedish reader: The "me" corresponds to "jaget", "my self" to "självet" and the "I am" to "det högre jaget".

When the "me" becomes activated, a physical phenomenon takes place as the atom of our core expands upwards and literally reaches a higher frequency. There are many stories of people throughout the history who have reached spiritual enlightenment or a feeling of wholeness and being in their own highest potential, who describe this amazing feeling of activating their inner core or "me" and connecting with the larger consciousness that surrounds us.

What does the Iriz Synthesis offer?

A part from the definition of the human being from the larger, holistic perspective, the Iriz Synthesis through its therapeutic method offers not only to identify the false partial personalities that we all have and that cover up our true core. It also provides a technique, as described above in relation the activation of the "me", to uncover your true characteristics and qualities. Many therapeutic methods fall short of this last, important step as they assume that uncovering the false personalities is enough for the true self to appear, which can be described as if finding the diagnostic of a disease would be enough to cure it. Of course there is no magic to this process, it represents hard and consistent work for the individual.

The Iriz Synthesis focuses on increased knowledge combined with practical training and branches out into psychotherapy, energy therapy, coaching and leadership training with a general objective of helping people reach their full potential in all domains of life. For further information, please refer to

"One can have no smaller or greater mastery than mastery of oneself."  Leonardo Da Vinci.